WoodyGuth3-Topical and Humorous Songs

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WoodyGuth3's ReadAloud&SingAlong Music Video of "I'm an Archivist [for Jon Stewart]"

Woody Guth3 "I'm an Archivist [for Jon Stewart]" quicktime

New Music by the Woody Guth3 recorded June/July 2010
"I'm An Archivist (for Jon Stewart)"

"I'm an Archivist [for Jon Stewart]"

"Facebook Is Leaking to the Cloud"

"F the FCC"

"Mayor Mike Told the City"

"Please Don't Close Our Libraries"

"There's Oil on the Top of the East River"

"Thanks to the Right-Wing Conspiracy Nuts"

"Ugly Buildings"

"Why Did the Church Ignore [the Dinosaur]?"

"Drill, Baby, Drill [for Sarah Palin]"

 "Billy and the Moonbird"


1 min. excerpts from recent Woody Guth3 songs

Why Did the Church Ignore Dinosaur?

The Librarian Gag Rule

Drill, Baby, Drill

"2 Powerful Pundits"

"Chicken Hawk Rag"

"I'm an Archivist"

The Woody Guth3 is an international award-winning folk group writing and singing original and topical songs.  Based in Brooklyn, they had their big break on BrooklynBlowback, excerpts can be viewed on YouTube.  Recent songs by the Woody Guth3 address: Facebook leaks, Library closings, Oil pollution, U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T Act, the Church, Right-Wing Neocon Chickenhawks, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mac & Minnie Mae, the Bushes and dozens more.  The group is inspired by Woody Guthrie (of course), Leadbelly, Malvina Reynolds, Phil Ochs, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Johnny Cash, Skeeter Davis, Daniel Johnston, Colorblind James Experience, Bill Hicks, Tom Lehrer, Miles Davis, Pete Seeger, Billie Holiday, Neil Young and Bob Dylan.  The Woody Guth3 recently won a video award from the prestigious NME publication in the UK.  You can follow us on Twitter @LimeriTweets.  If you like our music, let us know: woodyguth3@audioastrology.com