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What It Means

The following shows in simple terms, the theory of astrology and the influence of the planets in our lives. We accept that the Moon affects the tides and other earthly phenomena, now quantum physics tell us that other celestial bodies affect matter in similar ways.

The Sun -- and those planets nearer the sun -- affect us individually, while the outer, slower-moving planets affect us more collectively. Put very simply, the Sun represents life to the physical body and universal consciousness to the soul: it also identifies with our will and ego on both personal and transpersonal levels: it is associated with the father.

The Moon on the other hand affects our emotional nature and represents our habitual response to life -- learnt in the main from our mother from the time we draw our
first breath.

Mercury affects our thoughts and speech;
Venus, affects how effectively we relate to others and what we find beautiful;
Mars represents our energy, drive and initiative;
Jupiter gives us optimism, and helps us expand;
Saturn restricts and teaches us the need for structure and balance in our lives, as well as giving us the ability to find a truer sense of Self;
Uranus can cause us to be inventive and original, sometimes changeable and erratic;
Neptune brings idealism, compassion and delusion as well as a higher, purified vision;
Pluto represents manipulation, control and the goal of ultimate transformation.

The personal planets affect us personally: our will, our emotions, how we relate and much more: the effects are unique to each individual -- as is the placement of the Ascendant and Mid-Heaven -- which are determined by the exact date, time and place of birth (even ten minutes difference in time can change an entire chart, as can often be seen in the case of twins) while the outer, or transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) influence us much more collectively.

This in no way implies that life is predestined and inevitable: on the contrary, by understanding the influence of the planets in our own lives, we can begin to recognize and thus free ourselves from otherwise unconscious and often compelling forces.   This theory is based on the assumption that -- once acknowledged and accepted -- every part of the personality is capable of transformation.



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