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Planets and Other Celestial Bodies


THE SUN-- Planet of Life and Creativity

The heart is to man, what the Sun is to the galaxy, what God is to creation. The Creator is light. The creation is the basic matter which crystallizes itself into infinity. Humankind is but a fragment of this matter. The matter is refined and purified by some immutable force until one day it becomes a diamond - a reflector of light.


THE MOON-- Feminine Strength and Creation

The Moon represents our emotions and our imagination. Approximately every two days the Moon enters a new sign. Every month there is a New Moon, which is good to launch a new project. A Full Moon is good for romance, and to reap the fruits of your labor.


NEPTUNE-- Planet of the Unseen, of Dreams and Illusion

Neptune is associated with Uranus in the sign of Aquarius all year. It works to transform out-dated concepts, values, and beliefs. It stimulates our conscience and teaches us that we are indeed eternal and with infinite possibilities to succeed.


SATURN-- Planet of Evolution, Challenges and Wisdom

Saturn promotes prudence, consciousness, and discernment and teaches us to appreciate what we have. Saturn will be in Taurus from the 1st of January to the 9th of August, entering Gemini on the 10th of August to the 16th of October, returning back to Taurus on the 17th of October until the end of the year.


MARS-- Planet of Action, Physical Energy, Sexuality and Strength

Mars is the planet of vitality. It brings you energy and strength of character. High energy and well being is primarily the result of attitude. Mars will start the year in Aquarius from the 1st to the 5th of January. It will then move into Pisces until the 13th of February, then into Aries
until the 24th of March. From there it will move into Taurus until the 4th of April and then in Gemini until the 17th of June. It moves into Cancer until the 2nd of August and then into Leo until the 18th of September and then into Virgo until the 5th of November and then into Libra until the
24th of December and it will finish the year in Scorpio.



MERCURY-- Planet of Thought and Intelligence

Mercury is the messenger of the Gods. It is what connects us to the spirit of God. Mercury will travel close to the Sun this year. When Mercury goes backwards we have to be more patient, cautious, and prudent with our health, relationship, business and contracts.


JUPITER-- Planet of Faith, Luck and Prosperity

Jupiter is the planet of good fortune. Jupiter will be in Aries from the 1st of January until the 14th of February, moving to Taurus on the 15th of February until the 30th of June and entering Gemini on the 1st of July until the 31st of December 2000.


PLUTO-- Planet of Life and Death, Enlightenment and the Absolute

Pluto helps us seek what is good and what is beautiful. Pluto, in the year 2000, will be in Sagittarius all year near Chiron, helping us to be the best we can be in body, mind and soul.



VENUS-- Planet of Sensuality and Femininity

Venus is the planet of harmony and femininity. It allows us to move forward. When it is in your sign it gives you the chance to love and to be loved. Venus will travel close to the Sun all year.


URANUS-- Planet of Liberation and Truth

Uranus is the God of the future. Uranus forces us to move toward our destiny as we leave outdated thought and beliefs behind. In the year 2000, Uranus will be close to Neptune in the sign of Aquarius all year.

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