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PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20)

Celebrity AudioSCope

PISCES INFO-- Fish. Ruling Planet: Neptune; Astrological Element: Water; Mode of Expression: Mutable; Positive Trait: Charity; Negative Trait: Anxiety.

"If you understand, things are just as they are... If you do not understand, things are just as they are."


Zen Saying

Best Days in February:
1, 11, 27
Worst Days:
4, 15, 25


Archived AudioScopes

Pisces is receptive, supersensitive, impressionable, peace-loving, serious, sympathetic, charitable, artistic, compassionate, creative, a dreamer, dedicated, imaginative, psychic, shy, introverted, spiritual and reclusive.
Ted Kennedy, Drew Barrymore, Gary Numan, Bruce Willis, Queen Latifah, Douglas Adams, Jack Kerouac, John Updike, Vanessa Williams, Mia Hamm, Billy Crystal, George Harrison, Johnny Cash, Rob Lowe, Liza Minnelli, Smokey Robinson, David Geffen, Harry Belafonte, Roger Daltrey, Lou Reed, Eddy Grant, James Taylor, Quincy Jones, Phil Lesh, Mike Love, Sly Stone, Nat "King" Cole, Billy Corgan, Niki Taylor, Bernadette Peters, Elizabeth Taylor, Adam Baldwin, Erykah Badu
Famous Pisces: Albert Einstein, Kurt Cobain, Jerry Lewis, Nina Simone, Cecil Taylor, Spike Lee, Diane Arbus, Charles Whitman, Edward Gorey, Julius Erving, Ornette Coleman, John Steinbeck, Ralph Nader, William Shatner, Dr. Seuss, W.E.B. DuBois, Lou Reed, Karen Carpenter, Jim Backus, Tex Avery, Fats Domino, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, John Turturro, Shaq

Random Audio'Scope***

"The Future is as Close as Your Ears."