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ARIES INFORMATION-- The Bull. Ruling Planet: Mars; Astrological Element: Fire; Mode of Expression: Cardinal; Positive Trait: Vital; Negative Trait: Impulsive.
Aries is energetic, innovative, original, pioneering, assertive, quick-tempered, leader, strong-willed, ambitious, extroverted, sometimes aggressive, competitive, enthusiastic, self-reliant and self-assured.
Famous ARIES: Tom DeLay, Colin Powell, David Letterman, Marcel Marceau, Conan O'Brien, Hugh Hefner, Al Gore, Mariah Carey, Liz Phair, Eddie Murphy, Nancy Pelosi


TAURUS INFORMATION-- The Bull. Ruling Planet: Venus; Astrological Element: Earth; Mode of Expression: Fixed; Positive Trait: Stable; Negative Trait: Stubborn.
Taurus is determined, efficient, stubborn, cautious, placid, persistent, enduring, introverted, conservative, conventional, materialistic, security conscious, stable, industrious, dependable and generally has significant financial ability.
Famous Tauruses:  Saddam Hussein, Jay Leno, Stephen Colbert, Janet Jackson, Barbra Streisand, David Byrne, Uma Thurman, Andre Agassi, Traci Lords, Grace Jones, Rosie Perez, Tori Spelling, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson.


GEMINI INFORMATION-- Twins. Ruling Planet: Mercury; Astrological Element: Air; Mode of Expression: Mutable; Positive Trait: Adaptable; Negative Trait: Cursory.
Gemini is flexible, versatile, restless, a jack-of-all-trades, lively, alert, quick-witted, literary, communicative, a good conversationalist, changeable, logical, ingenious, agile, dexterous, intellectual and mentally ambitious.
Famous GEMINIS: Paula Abdul, Al Franken, George H. W. Bush, John Edwards, Bob Dylan, Prince, Nicole Kidman, Laurie Anderson,  Clint Eastwood, Bruce Dern


CANCER INFORMATION-- The Crab. Ruling Planet: Moon; Astrological Element: Water; Mode of Expression: Cardinal; Positive Trait: Protective; Negative Trait: Jealous.
Cancer is introverted, reserved, emotional, sensitive, moody, security-conscious, prudent, retentive, protective, quiet, calm, imaginative, conscientious and a traditionalist. 
Famous CANCERS: George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Courtney Love, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Beck, Pam Anderson, Meryl Streep, Mike Tyson, Geraldo Rivera, Tom Cruise, OJ Simpson, Bob Ney


 LEO INFO.-- The Lion. Ruling Planet: Sun; Astrological Element: Fire; Mode of Expression: Fixed; Positive Trait: Authority; Negative Trait: Autocratic.
Leo is ambitious, charismatic, a lover of limelight, speculative, extroverted, optimistic, dignified, confident, exuberant, sunny, dramatic, competitive, a leader and an organizer.
FAMOUS LEOS: Barack Obama, Alberto Gonzales, Martha Stewart, Lynn Cheney, Jim McGreevey, Jennifer Lopez, Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger, Madonna, James Cameron, Antonio Banderas, Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny



VIRGO INFO:-- Virgin. Ruling Planet: Mercury; Astrological Element: Earth; Mode of Expression: Mutable; Positive Trait: Detailed; Negative Trait: Critical.
Virgo is practical, responsible, sensible, analytical, highly discriminating, precise and punctual, dedicated, a perfectionist, critical, health conscious & somewhat introverted.
FAMOUS Virgos: Bill O'Reilly, Sam Brownback, Keanu Reeves, Richard Gere, Cameron Diaz, Elvis Costello, Macaulay Culkin, Jack Black, Stephen King, Beyonce Knowles, Gene Simmons, Michael Jackson,  Oliver Stone 



LIBRA INFORMATION-- Scales. Ruling Planet: Venus; Astrological Element: Air; Mode of Expression: Cardinal; Positive Trait: Diplomatic; Negative Trait: Vacillating.
Libra is idealistic, diplomatic, a peacemaker, poised, gracious, courteous, fair-minded, sociable, charming, affable, cooperative, extroverted & usually indecisive.
Famous Librans: Senator Joseph Lieberman, Rev. Al Sharpton, Dennis Kucinich, Trent Lott, Jesse Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, John Sayles, Eminem, Amiri Baraka, Neve Campbell, Mira Sorvino, Michelle Malkin



SCORPIO INFO-- Scorpion. Ruling Planet: Pluto; Astrological Element: Water; Mode of Expression: Fixed; Positive Trait: Resurgent; Negative Trait: Ruthless.
Scorpio is intense, determined, powerful, strong-willed, forceful, bold, courageous, enduring, competitive, resourceful, a researcher, an investigator, secretive, mysterious, penetrating, psychic, self-reliant and somewhat introverted or closed.
FAMOUS Scorpios: Condoleeza Rice, General Peter Pace, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, Howard Dean, John Cleese, Ad-Rock, Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Moore, Parker Posey, Winona Ryder



SAGITTARIUS INFORMATION-- Archer. Ruling Planet: Jupiter; Astrological Element: Fire; Mode of Expression: Mutable; Positive Trait: Discerning; Negative Trait: Moralistic.
Sagittarius is idealistic, optimistic, freedom-loving, casual, friendly, buoyant, gregarious, enthusiastic, philosophical, studious, farseeing, direct, outspoken, honest, loyal, restless and loves to travel.
Famous Sagittarians: Howie Mandel, John Kerry, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Chuck Schumer, Brad Pitt, Tyra Banks, Noam Chomsky, Bush Twins, Jay-Z, Jane Fonda, Steve Buscemi, Teri Garr, Jon Stewart



CAPRICORN INFORMATION-- Goat. Ruling Planet: Saturn; Astrological Element: Earth; Mode of Expression: Cardinal; Positive Trait: Principled; Negative Trait: Miserly.
Capricorn is ambitious (power, position, money), organizational, self-disciplined, thrifty, prudent, security-conscious, conservative, responsible, persistent, business oriented and methodical.
Famous Capricorns: Paul Wolfowitz, Karl Rove, Mel Gibson, Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern, L.L. Cool J, Michael Stipe,  Patti Smith, Eddie Vedder, Phil Spector, Sean Hannity, Mike DeWine, Dennis Hastert



AQUARIUS INFORMATION-- Water Bearer. Ruling Planet: Uranus; Astrological Element: Air; Mode of Expression: Fixed; Positive Trait: Liberal; Negative Trait: Eccentric.
Aquarius is individualistic, unconventional, progressive, unique, independent, humanitarian, altruistic, a visionary, perceptive, intellectual, logical, ingenious, inventive, unpredictable, detached, friendly and scientific.
Famous AQUARIUSes: Dick Cheney, Dr. Dre, Paris Hilton, Yoko Ono, Jennifer Aniston, Sheryl Crow,  Chris Rock, Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, John Travolta, Jack Benny, Art Spiegelman, Matt Groening, Christina Ricci



PISCES INFO-- Fish. Ruling Planet: Neptune; Astrological Element: Water; Mode of Expression: Mutable; Positive Trait: Charity; Negative Trait: Anxiety.
Pisces is receptive, supersensitive, impressionable, peace-loving, serious, sympathetic, charitable, artistic, compassionate, creative, a dreamer, dedicated, imaginative, psychic, shy, introverted, spiritual and reclusive.
Famous PISCES: Bill Frist, Ted Kennedy, Stephen Hadley, Drew Barrymore, Gary Numan, Bruce Willis, Queen Latifah, Ralph Nader, William Shatner, John Turturro, Shaq, Lou Reed, Sly Stone, Robert Novak

The Sun enters Cancer on 19 Apr 2005
Mars enters in Pisces on 1 May 2005
New Moon in Aries on 8 May 2005
Venus enters in Gemini on 10 May 2005
Mercury enters in Taurus on 12 May 2005
The Sun enters in Gemini on 20 May 2005
Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius on 22 May 2005
Mercury enters in Gemini on 28 May 2005
Venus enters in Cancer on 3 Jun 2005
Mercury enters in Cancer on 11 Jun 2005
Mars enters in Aries on 12 Jun 2005
The Sun enters in Cancer on 21 Jun 2005

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