Planetary Occurrences Affecting Your Well-Being

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Yo CheckiT!
This month the planets are churning out a wild mix of conflicting vibes. They are stimulating our romantic and fun-loving side, creating temptations and welcome distractions. They are also stirring up anxieties and clouding our thinking with fear. At the same time, they are demanding that we meet crucial challenges important to our well-being in these changeful times. It would be really easy to give in to the temptations or cave in to anxiety rather than meet our important challenges. To keep things moving in the right direction we all need to rededicate ourselves to common sense and self-discipline.

Remember, the one ally you still have is humour – irony, hilarity, fun and laughter at how crazy life can be. Mercury sextiles Uranus right now, and Uranus always loves to look at things inside-out and upside-down. Take off your glasses and put them on the other way around, or put on someone else's glasses and see how bizarre and silly the world looks. A personal reading can, believe it or not, help you find that uplifting, transcendent perspective that can brighten you up out of a heavy mindset. And when you get a personal reading with me, you'll find that Pegasus loves to join in to make you smile.   :-)

The new moon in Libra represents a new opportunity to focus on relationships and to concentrate on fairness and balance...Mercury conjoins Jupiter and squares with Saturn.  Great time to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.  Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, the Sun and Mars are all hanging in Scorpio and they will remain there until November.  Since Scorpio signifies healing, it is an extremely powerful sign, so it seems likely that CHANGE IS AFOOT, whether in the House, the Senate or as a paradigm shift in the Cut and Run vs. Stay the Course plans. . .  .   But if we're not careful, the policy might end up as CUT AND STAY!   Caution is advised because Mercury-- communication-- goes retrograde on the 28th of October.  You might need to doublecheck the machines you're using-- especially if you're talking about mechanical VOTING MACHINES in an election on the 7th of November.  (hint hint). 
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